Inquisitor Titus Roth

Titus Roth is a puritan Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos and the focus of my narrative 40K force. I was lucky enough to pick up a metal Gideon Lorr miniature on eBay that I’ll use to represent Titus on the tabletop. I find painting metal minis more challenging than plastic or resin, but this dude […]

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The 103rd Deltic Void Dragons

My first squad of Tempestus Scions have landed (via grav chute). These guys from from the 103rd Deltic Void Dragons are some of the few things I’ve painted in a long time that isn’t a Space Wolf. As is often the case when I paint, I’m torn between realism and what will look good on […]

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The Wolves Unleashed

I’ve been a Space Wolves fan since their first Codex release back in 1994. I checked out of the hobby in my late teens, then returned after a lengthy hiatus about six years ago. I picked up where I left off – Space Wolves included. Since then building, painting and gaming with the Sons of […]

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