The 103rd Deltic Void Dragons

My first squad of Tempestus Scions have landed (via grav chute). These guys from from the 103rd Deltic Void Dragons are some of the few things I’ve painted in a long time that isn’t a Space Wolf. As is often the case when I paint, I’m torn between realism and what will look good on the table. Brightly coloured armour looks cool but I always lean to the dark, gritty and a little more practical. Taking some inspiration from Aliens, Halo ODST and the Starship Troopers CG shows, I think I’ve found a nice middle ground with these guys.

Tempestus Scions

My plan is to build another five man squad, plus a command squad and Tempestor Prime They’ll support my Inquisitor and his acolytes in narrative games of Warhammer 40K. More on that project later…

Also in the pic above, I tried a new colour scheme on my Forge World Zone Mortalis test tile. I spotted the combo on the White Dwarf Facebook page in one of their super-useful painting recipe posts. I hope they keep sharing insights like this.


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