The Wolves Unleashed

I’ve been a Space Wolves fan since their first Codex release back in 1994. I checked out of the hobby in my late teens, then returned after a lengthy hiatus about six years ago. I picked up where I left off – Space Wolves included. Since then building, painting and gaming with the Sons of Russ has become a hobby in itself.

Horus Heresy era Space Wolves Grey Slayer

I swayed to the Heresy-era mostly due to the grittier aesthetic. Besides, I was painting my Space Wolves with grey armour anyway. The armour colour is a bit of a nostalgia trip from all those old White Dwarfs I looked through as a kid. It’s also how their armour is depicted in, and on the cover of some of my favourite Black Library 40K novels.

Krom Dragongaze

At the time I built and painted most of my Space Wolves there wasn’t much in the way of official imagery. Book VII Inferno was’t out, nor were there any Heresy-era Space Wolves product releases. I had to do a lot of research, guesswork and a bit of kit bashing.

Space Wolves Contemptor Mortis

You can take take closer look at my Space Wolves and read a bit more over at Hobby at The Aett where I recently contributed an article.


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