Inquisitor Titus Roth

Titus Roth is a puritan Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos and the focus of my narrative 40K force. I was lucky enough to pick up a metal Gideon Lorr miniature on eBay that I’ll use to represent Titus on the tabletop. I find painting metal minis more challenging than plastic or resin, but this dude is probably one of the better sculpts I’ve had a crack at. I took a bit of inspiration from Idris Elba’s Gunslinger in the Dark Tower movie and opted for a black duster and hat combo.

The character of Titus Roth actually goes way back to a Dark Heresy RPG campaign where my character of the same name was a low-level psyker acolyte. He was more of a Blade Runner though – recruited after spending time ‘retiring’ unsanctioned psykers in the Underhive. In those days he was quite attached to his revolver/stub gun and knew a couple of magic tricks. In the final game of the campaign he found himself too close to a climactic heretic-related explosion. It left him clinging to the last thread of his life but he survived. Just. I’m thankful to our GM as I suspect Titus was spared the real result of the secret dice roll to determine his fate.

Inquisitor and Tempestus Scions
Inquisitor Titus Roth and Scions of the 103rd Deltic Void Dragons

I like the idea that Titus got a bionic arm to replace the one lost in that explosion, and he continued to serve the Emperor and eventually became an Inquisitor himself. He’s clearly still quite attached to a pistol but it’s had quite an upgrade. His bionic arm will be a counts-as power maul in-game – it’s punchy, but not as punchy as a power fist.

Titus will be supported by a small group of acolytes (coming soon) and a detachment of the 103rd Deltic Void Dragons. Astropathic communications have ceased from a mining world in the Badab sector, so I really need to crack on with some support for Inquisitor Roth so he can investigate.


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