Ranek Helclaw – Champion of The Rout, The Iron Wolf

Ranek Helclaw is a Wolf Lord and centrepiece of my Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolves force. Helclaw is a Fenrisian of few words. Like all his kin, he wishes for immortal glory in the sagas and so Ranek seeks the mightiest of foes and embarks on the most daring of missions. He earned the title of ‘The Iron Wolf’ after surviving 22 shuriken catapult hits while ambushing an Eldar war host. I’m sure it’s not the last title he’ll earn in our games.

Wolf Lord

Credit: I used ‘Rain Texture 2’ by IvaXx in the image above.

Until recently, I was using Forge World’s Horus Heresy Legiones Astartes list for my Wolves in 40K 7th edition. Helclaw was typically accompanied by Veterans that allowed him to outflank. With my switch to 8th edition, I needed to change my approach. And so The Iron Wolf is now accompanied by Aeska – a mighty Thunderwolf. Augmented by the Wolf Priests deep in The Fang, Aeska is as vicious as she is a loyal friend.

Wolf Lord

Ranek Helclaw himself is based on the Forge World Praetor miniature. You’ll probably recognise bits from Geigor Fell-Hand, a thunder hammer from the Thunderwolf Cavalry set and a Chaos Marauder Horseman head. I want the choice of using Ranek without Aeska, so after filing the saddle details off a Thunderwolf, I had a go at sculpting fur with Green Stuff. I then created a base that would allow me to drop-in and remove Ranek. It’s a little rough around the edges but it worked out okay as you can see below.

Wolf Lord

I’m using the ‘Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf’ data sheet to represent Helclaw and Aeska on the tabletop. They fared well in their debut game of 8th edition. Together they tore through a squad of Ynnari Wraithguard and would’ve taken on a Wraith Lord next if we didn’t have to call time on our game. I’m looking forward to more games with these two and seeing more added their saga.


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